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The Deities of Treya

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1The Deities of Treya Empty The Deities of Treya on Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:03 pm


Abriel - The High God, God of Truth and Light

Alignment: Lawful
Colors: Turquoise & Gold
Favorite Weapon: Flail
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Combat, Divination, Law, Sun, Guardian(lesser), Healing(lesser), Protection(lesser)

Abriel only accepts followers of a Lawful nature.
Abriel demands that his follower seek out the truth, maintain justice and put an end to corruption.

History: Abriel is imprisoned by a dark and powerful entity. This entity posed as Abriel to Abriel's followers and made them believe arcane magic was corrupt, which led to the Great Purge. Qwyn Rein, a true Paladin of Abriel, led an army against the church, destroyed the high priest and the altar to the dark entity that was found under the temple. He then disbanded the Paladin order known as Mage Hunters. Any Paladin who did not agree to follow Qwyn was taken out in combat. Qwyn is now working to rebuild the Church to follow the true path of Abriel, but Abriel himself has not yet been freed.

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2The Deities of Treya Empty Xell on Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:41 pm


Xell - The God of Magic

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Colors: Gold & Silver
Favorite Weapon: Quarterstaff
Allowed Armor: Mage armors only

Followers of Xell have access to EVERY sphere, but they are not granted spells like other clerics. Followers of Xell also have access to Arcane Spells. Xell grants his followers 1 extra spell/day per spell level.

Priests are granted spells as follows:
Level 1: Three 1st level priest spells + Armor
Level 3: One 2nd level priest spell + Melf's Acid Arrow
Level 5: One 3rd level priest spell + Protection from Normal Missiles
Level 7: One 4th level priest spell + Ice Storm
Level 9: One 5th level priest Spell + Avoidance
Level 11: One 6th level priest spell + Chain Lightning
Level 14: One 7th level priest spell + Permanency

Priests may gain more spells, both divine and arcane, but they must first aquire a scroll of the spell and present it an altar of Xell. If presented properly and the priest has the favor of his god, Xell will grant the spell.
Priests are limited to the number of spell they have access to basse off of Intelligence, like a mage does with his spell book, up to Int 18. For every point higher than 18, the priest is granted access to 2 more spells/level.

To note: Where Priest and Wizard spells overlap, only the Priest version is accepted, ie, the Priest's Charm Person/Mammal is taken over Wizard's Charm Person.

Followers of Xell must have a minimum Int of 9, paladins included. Priests are limited to only mage weapons and armor.

All arcane spells still require the listed components in addition to a Holy Symbol.

History: During the Great Purge, nearly all of Xell's followers were killed and every known temple destroyed. This plunged Xell himself into a darkness between existance and non-existance. The Mage-Lord, Maplewood, foresaw the events of the Great Purge and took steps to protect magic. With Rein and Erickson, they hid away a High Priestess of Xell, encasing her in crystal until the day came for her to be freed by the blood of their decendants. Qwyn Rien, Nina Maplewood, and Xian Erickson found her and discovered how to awake her. Upon doing so, they also awakened Xell. Xell chose another in Qwyn's group, Andowyn Tysle, to become his priestess and be his voice to the people. The High Priestess was taken to the Elves for safetly until the day came that the Church of Abriel and Mage Hunters were no longer a threat. Now Priestess Andowyn is working toward rebuilding his Temples and training new followers.

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3The Deities of Treya Empty Gwendrae on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:21 pm


Gwendrae - The Goddess of Knowledge

Alignment: Neutral Good
Colors: Blue & Red
Favorite Weapon: Quarterstaff
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Astral, Divination, Elemental(air), Healing, Protection, Wards, Guardian(lesser), Sun(lesser)

Followers of Gwendrae must not be evil.
Gwendrae expects her followers to obtain and preserve knowledge.
Gwendrae grants her followers access to any language and the skill Monster Lore.

History: The Church of Gwendrae was against the Great Purge, but being a peaceful religion, did not have the forces to stand against the forces of the Church of Abriel. Instead, they went out and took as many scrolls, spell books, and anything else they could find relating to the arcane, even a handful of mages themselves, and hid it all away, saving it from destruction at the hands of the Mage Hunters. They also incorporated many of Xell's teachings and practices into their own religion to keep it from being lost for good. Andowyn Tysle was a Priestess of Gwendrae before being recruited by Xell.

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4The Deities of Treya Empty Xyne on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:43 pm


Xyne - The Wandering God, Protector of Travelers

Alignment: Neutral Good
Colors: Green & Tan
Favorite Weapon: Sling, Quarterstaff
Allowed Armor: (Priests Only) Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, Scale Mail or Chain Mail; Medium Shields or Smaller

Spell Spheres
All, Combat, Protection, Summoning, Travelers, Divination(lesser), Healing(lesser)

Xyne only accepts the followers of a Good or Neutral alignment.
Xyne requires his followers to be resourceful and quick of mind.
All followers are required to spend their first year of service traveling the roads, helping other travelers they come across. After that, they are only required two spend 10 weeks (2 months) of every year on the road. (This does not have to be done all at once, as long as it is a total of 10 weeks over the course of the year.)

Priests are granted the skill Survival at no cost while Paladins may obtain it for 1 skill point instead of 2.

Note: The temples of Xyne craft the highest quality of boots found anywhere. Members of the Temple may buy the boots for 4 gold pieces, while the general public may buy them for 8 gold pieces.

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5The Deities of Treya Empty Akkadey on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:32 pm


Akkadey - The God of Storms

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Colors: Dark Blue & Silver
Favorite Weapon: Javelin
Allowed Armor: Any, though metal is not recommended

Spell Spheres
All, Elemental(all), Healing, Sun, Weather, Divination(lesser)

Followers are usually chaotic, but Akkadey accepts all alignments.

There are three sects of Akkadey as follows:

Sect of the Cirrus Cloud: This sect used the weather as a force of good. They work with followers of Megra to help fertilize farm lands and with followers of Mowkeel to help ships safely cross the seas.

Sect of the Clear Sky: This sect believes in non-interference. They would rather have weather patterns run their natural course and only step in for extreme circumstances.

Sect of the Hurricane: This sect believes that Akkadey can only be truly revered during a storm and the greater the storm, the greater the blessing. They will often go out of their way to stand in the middle of a thunderstorm with hopes of being struck by lightning, as they feel it is Akkadey himself touching them with such a strike.

Followers of Akkadey are given Weather Sense and Direction Sense at no cost.

It is not unusual for Paladins of Akkadey to have flying mounts.

6The Deities of Treya Empty Mowkeel on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:49 pm


Mowkeel - The God of the Seas

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Colors: Teal & Black
Favorite Weapon: Trident
Allowed Armor: Any, though lighter armors are preferred

Spell Spheres
All, Charm, Elemental(water), Healing, Necromantic, Divination(lesser)

Mowkeel accepts followers of any alignment.
Followers of Mowkeel are rarely found far away from any body of water, whether it be sea, lake or river. Most temples are found in coastal cities and there are even a few floating temples found out in the seas and lakes.

Followers of Mowkeel can be as wide ranging in their beliefs as those of Akkadey, from using the power of the seas to help people to intentionally causing tsunamis as a tribute. However, they are not organized into sects, so one never knows what to expect when petitioning a servant of Mowkeel.

All followers of Mowkeel get swimming for free.

7The Deities of Treya Empty Megra on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:29 pm


Megra - The God of Fertility and Agriculture

Alignment: True Neutral
Colors: Light Green & White
Favorite Weapon: Fauchard
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Creation, Elemental(earth), Healing, Necromantic, Plant, Sun

Megra will accept followers of any alignment.
Followers are required to bless the fields of any farmer who asks. However, this is not a common occurance, as every Spring Equinox, every field that can be reached, is given a blessing. Also, on the Spring Equinox, in every town where a temple of Megra exists, a Priest of Megra joins with a Priestess of Shandowyn for a fertility ritual. If a child is conceived during the ritual, it is seen as a good omen. Followers of Megra also help out couple who are trying to have families by offering blessing and performing fertility rituals.

All followers of Megra are granted Agriculture for free.

8The Deities of Treya Empty Shandowyn on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:41 pm


Shandowyn - The Goddess of Women and Children

Alignment: Neutral Good
Colors: Rose & Mint Green
Favorite Weapon: Mace
Allowed Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather (priest only)

Spell Spheres
All, Creation, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Charm

Followers of Shandowyn must not be evil.
Shandowyn dictates that her followers aid any woman or child in need.
Priests of Shandowyn are only allowed to take a life in self defense or when defending the weak and helpless. Paladins are not as restricted, but must still act with discretion as dictated by the tenets of paladinhood.
Every spring a Priestess is choosen to participate in a fertility ritual with a Priest of Megra. (See section on Megra)

All orphanages and shelters are run by followers of Shandowyn.

Followers recieve a +1 to attack when defending helpless women and children.
Followers of Shandowyn are granted Herbalism for free.

9The Deities of Treya Empty Houlen on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:08 pm


Houlen - The God of War

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Colors: Crimson & Black
Favorite Weapon: Spear
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Combat, Elemental(fire), Healing, Protection, War, Divination(lesser)

Houlen accepts followers of any alignment.
Followers can be found on every battlefield, protecting, tending, and fighting alongside the troops.
In many towns that have a Temple of Houlen, it is the Priests that act as the first line of defense against enemy attacks.
During times of peace, followers are encouraged to keep their fighting skills honed and should train with the standing army if possible.

NOTE: One cannot train to be a Paladin of Houlen. Houlen hand picks his Paladins from his Priesthood, choosing only those he feels are the most worthy.

Priests of Houlen can use exceptional Strength and Constitution scores.
Priests of Houlen may specialize in use of the Spear.
Houlen grants Ignite as an orizon at 1st level and Blister at 3rd level.

10The Deities of Treya Empty Edaros on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:20 pm


Edaros - The God of the Hunt

Alignment: Neutral Good
Colors: Dark Green & Ivory
Favorite Weapon: Longbow
Allowed Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, No Shields allowed

Spell Spheres
All, Animal, Combat, Elemental(earth, air), Plant, Protection, Divination(lesser)

Followers of Edaros must not be Evil or Chaotic.
Followers are never allowed to hunt for more than what they need for survival. The only exception is if they are also hunting to feed and clothe others, like family or those in need.

In times of war, followers of Edaros can be found providing back-up to the Priests of Houlen and will often train with them in time of peace.

Edaros also requests that his followers maintain the natural balance between predator and prey.

Followers are granted the Hunting skill for no cost.
Followers who are not also Rangers can take Tracking with a -3 modifier instead of -6.

11The Deities of Treya Empty Lyrraketh on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:30 pm


Lyrraketh - The Mistress of Mischief

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Colors: Purple & Black
Favorite Weapon: Whip
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Chaos, Charm, Healing, Thought, Divination(lesser)
Additional Spells
Friends, Snake Charm, Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Snare, Suggestion, Trip

Lyrraketh accepts followers of any alignment, however, those of a lawful nature must have a good sense of humor in order to survive the clegry.
Followers of Lyrraketh thrive on mischief and trickery. They will also go out of their way to shock and disturb people. But if a Priest is petitioned for help, he will do so, only after making the petitioner think twice about the request.

There are no Paladins of Lyrraketh.

Lyraketh grants her followers Disguise at no cost and Prestidigitation as an orizon.

12The Deities of Treya Empty Obown on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:54 pm


Obown - The God of Death

Alignment: True Neutral
Colors: Black & White
Favorite Weapon: Scythe
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres
All, Astral, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, Time

Obown accepts followers of any alignment.
Obown requests that his followers keep neutral for any conflict and only intervene when innocents are harmed.
Followers must also preserve the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth. As Undead violate this natural cycle, followers must seek out and destroy all Undead.

Priests of Obown must have a minimum Wisdom score of 14.
Priests of Obown get a +1 to their Turn Undead attempts.
All Followers of Obown get a +1 to saves vs. Death Magic, with an additional +1 for every five levels after to a max of +5 at level 21.

Paladins of Obown - The Grim Riders
The God of Death did not approve of the Great Purge because too many threads were cut prematurely, severely weakening the Tapestry. To help prevent any future mass slaughters that would further weaken the Tapestry, Obown created his own Paladins. There are only four at any given time. They are chosen by Obown himself and trained by the High Priest. The Paladins of Obown have their own special Abilities and Restrictions as follows:

Immunity to Fear
50% resistance to Death Magic
Can See & Speak to The Cutter
Can See the Life Clock of Others
Cannot Lay on Hands
Cannot Cast Spells
Cannot Detect Evil

Remember - Death comes riding on a Pale Horse. In other words, all Paladins of Obown have a bonded mount that is pale or white in coloration.

13The Deities of Treya Empty Re: The Deities of Treya on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:43 pm


The raspeen who immigrated to Treya do not typically worship any of the gods of Treya but instead have their own religion based on the trifold nature of existence. Individual followers typically worship a single aspect but acknowledge all three.

The Trifold - Existance
Triety - Life, creation, motherhood, the wild
Dragnil - Death, war, protection, magic
Lleled - Judgment, guidance, enlightenment, flame
Alignment: Chaotic good, Lawful evil, True neutral
Colors: Turquoise, Crimson, gold respectivly
Favored weapon: Halfspear
Allowed armor: any nonmatalic

Spell Spheres
All, combat, creation, divination, elemental(fire only), guardian, healing, protection, sun

Followers of the Trifold may be of any alignment.
Followers of the Trifold are expected to offer aid and guidance to all in need, especially children.
Priests of the Trifold are only allowed to take a life in self defense or when defending the weak and helpless. Those that follow the aspect of Dragnil are less restricted but asked to use discretion.
Priests are also required to respect the cycle of life and death and may not raise the dead or be raised themselves. They are also encouraged to destroy undead which break the cycle.

Spirit Shamans
Shamans of the Trifold lack the ability to turn undead but instead gain the following abilities.
Spirit sight
Spirit familiar (at level 2): A Shaman may call a spirit creature to serve as their permanent companion. This works as the wizard spell find familiar and costs 100xp per hitdice of the animal called.
Spirit walk (at level 5): A Shaman may physically enter the spirit world once per day, gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of being incorporeal while this ability is in effect.

14The Deities of Treya Empty The forgotten sisters on Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:45 pm


This post is to explore the Asherati goddesses in more detail. Unless the DM specifically states otherwise they are no longer worshiped on Treya.

In the distant past, the Asherati paid tribute to a pair of goddesses whom they believed were responsible for balancing the universe. These goddesses took the form of identical sisters Solanil the goddess of order, and Zoser the goddess of entropy. Although the two sisters were rarely antagonistic toward each other, Asherati clerics were almost always devoted exclusivly to a single sister.

Solanil - Order
Portfolio: animals, healing, law, motherhood, oasies, plants, protection, travel
Alignment: Lawful good
Colors: blue & silver
Favored weapon: Staff
Symbol: pool of water under a date tree

Spell spheres
All, Animal, Creation, Guardian, Healing, Necromacy, Plant, Protection

Zoser - Entropy
Portfolio: air, chaos, dance, destruction, sand, storms, summer, the sun
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Colors: orange & bronze
Favored weapon: Spiked chain
Symbol: stylized tornado

Spell spheres
All, Charm, Combat, Elemental, Sun, Weather

15The Deities of Treya Empty Re: The Deities of Treya on Sun May 01, 2011 12:41 am


The Demon Fox
The Demon Fox
Sari - Goddess of Healing and Life

Alignment: Any Good
Colors: Red and White
Favorite Weapon: Long/Short bow
Allowed Armor: Any

Spell Spheres: (Spell List)

Lv 1: Bless, Combine, Command, Cure Light Wounds, Mass Cure Minor Wounds, Create Water, Detect Evil, Detect Poison, Endure Heat/Cold, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food/Drink, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, Blessed Watchfulness, Dispel Fatigue, Sunscorch, Anti-vermin Barrier, Sacred Guardian

Lv 2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Goodberry, Slow Poison, Withdraw, Nap, Ethereal Barrier, Iron Vigil, Restore Strength, Detect Spirits, Unfailing Premonition, Create Holy Symbol, Lighten Load, Sanctify

Lv 3: Continual Light, Create Food/Water, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Negative Plane Protection, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Hold Person, Hold Poison, Repair Injury, Emotion control (Hope), Zone of Sweet Air

Lv 4: Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Tongues, Recitation, Blessed Warmth, Defensive Harmony, Focus, Fortify, Uplift

Lv 5: Atonement, Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Raise Dead, True Seeing, Impregnable Mind, Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel, Rainbow

Lv 6: Heal, Heroes Feast, Speak with Monsters, Word of Recall, Forbiddance, The Great Circle

Lv 7: Holy Word, Regenerate, Resurrection, Restoration, Sun Ray, Succor

Starting at level 4, Priests of Sari may use weapon proficiencies on Healing and Herbalism skills.

Cure Minor Wounds spell heals 3hp for a Sarian. (Counting the 1st level ability.)

Lv 1: Once a day, may make Cure Light Wounds heal as if the die roll was an 8. +2hp healed on all Cure Wounds Spells.

Lv 3: Once a day, may make Cure Moderate Wounds heal as if the die roll was 11.

Lv 5: Cure Minor Wounds spell heals 5hp, +1 per die on Cure Wounds Spells, Repair Injury spell heals d10+7 hp instead of the usual amount.

Lv 7: Once a day, may make Cure Serious Wounds heal as if the dice roll was 17.

Lv 9: Once a day, may make Cure Critical Wounds heal as if the die roll was 27.

Sari requires that those gifted with her power, use it to protect the weak from evil, and to give medical aid to those who truly need it. Priests may not take life except as may be required for food.

History: At this time, little is really known of the Goddess. What is known, is that since her arrival, clerics/priests, druids/shaman, paladins and rangers have gained access to the spell 'mass cure minor wounds'.

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