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Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread)

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1Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:22 pm


We will use this thread for the game summary and character info. I'd like everyone to post their characters in this thread. Include, Name, Race, Class(es), and some basic info. We won't need the entire sheet posted.

2Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Summary on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:55 pm


The Tower of Treya - Said to be so tall, it reaches the heavens and the gods reside at the very top. It might be true. The group is on a mission to reach the top to fight the Dark God, a servant of the Dark Eternal, and free Abriel from his prison.

So at the beginning of this campaign, the group (Qwyn, Nina, Andi, Talgan, Syl, Brenn, Janceel, Hammer, Fenz, and later, Bade) made their way to the Tower of Treya, located on a island in the middle of the lake. After solving the puzzle on how to get into the tower, they faced the challenges within.

1st Floor: Containing a waiting room for those seeking an audience with the High Archmage, a gift shop and a hall of statues. On this floor, the group faced gollems.

2nd Floor: The living quarters of the Rune Knight and a library. Here was the first encounter with the Shaddarian, and a fight with some advanced goblins.

3rd Floor: The living quarters of the High Archmage and another library. The only encounter here was a water trap from the scrying pool.

4th Floor: A maze with an evil Minotaur running around in it.

5th Floor: Found to be covered in a penetrating fog with imps roaming about. Once the fog was burned away, the room appeared to be some sort of Arteri laboratory. Here the group found IDA, an artificial life form who is now helping the group. On this floor was also the first appearance of Beta, a being who was genetically altered to be used as a weapon against the forces of the Dark Eternal.

6th Floor: The great forge. The room contained fire elementals and a dragon nesting in the furnace.
24th Floor: Fighter's training room. Here the group faced the undead version of the last Rune Knight to occupy the tower.

25th Floor: Storage rooms, once of which contained a Lich, the former High Archmage. *Must note: Will not forget how Hammer grappled the lich, threw him over his shoulder and ran through the anti-magic shield, leaving the lich mostly defenseless.
150th Floor: The mysterious appearance of the Whoot Inn, a much needed reprieve. (And a save point. Should there be a complete party wipe while in the tower, the group will "respawn" in front of the statue on this floor. All xp and items will be reset to what it was at this point.)

3Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Summary II on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:07 pm


After the group left the Whoot Inn, the elevator took them up several more floors (floor number unknown). This floor was unusually dark and upon entering, discovered a Shadow Dragon.

On the next floor, the group once again encountered Beta and the Shaddarian. After an uneasy conversation, they let the group continue on their mission. Beta warned that getting closer the Dark God would increase the chance of falling to corruption.

The next floor the elevator stopped was much closer to the top. Now the evil presence of the Dark God could be felt. To try to stop their progress, the Dark God threw the party in a delusion where each person found themselves in a situation as it would have been if the events of the last seven years had never happened. But the delusion was flawed, and the group easily broke free of it.

4Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Characters on Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:18 pm


This is how I would like everyone to post their characters. As I have the character sheets for a couple of you, I'll post your characters.

Andowyn Tysle
Human, Female, Lawful Good
19th Level Priestess of Xell
XP: 2,500,000/2,700,000
HP: 114 THAC0: 8 AC: -1
Weapons: Quarterstaff +3, Longsword of Dancing

Nina Maplewood
Human, Female, Neutral Good
6th Level Thief, 16th Level Transmuter
XP: 20,000; 2,480,000/2,625,000
HP: 47 THAC0: 15 AC: 1
Weapons: Maplewood Longbow +1, Rien Anti-Undead Staff

Brenn MacKallice
Wolf Annarri, Male, Lawful Good
14th Level Knight of Annarria
XP: 1,800,000/2,100,000
HP: 128 THAC0: 7 AC: -3
Weapons: Two-Handed Sword +2 of Wounding

Talgan Rayrdyn
Fox Annarri, Male, Lawful Good
10th Level Priest of Xell/11th Level Biomancer
XP: 450,000/675,000; 450,000/750,000
HP: 66 THAC0: 14 AC: 2
Weapon: Staff of Power

5Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Re: Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:39 pm


Milshare's Characters

Qwyn Rien
Human, Male, Lawful Good
15th Level Paladin/11th Level Wizard
XP: 2,125,000/2,400,000;375,000/750,000
HP: 112 THAC0: 6 AC: -12 (-16 vs. missiles)
Weapons: "Abriel's Gift of Light" Bastard Sword +5, Holy Avenger

Syllesti MacKallice
Cat Annarri, Female, Neutral Good
13th Level Cleric of Edaros/ 15th Level Bard
XP: 1,250,000/1,350,000; 1,250,000/1,320,000
HP: 85 THAC0: 12 AC: -2
Weapons: Rahshalli (Martial Art)

Janceel D'warri
Drow, Male, Lawful Neutral
22nd Level Thief
XP: 2,540,000/2,640,000
HP: 99 THAC0: 10 AC: -6
Weapons: Scimitar +1 (x2), Dagger +5 Defender, Dagger +5 Wounding

IDA (Iydallyrri Defense Android)
Arteri created artificial life form. Details Unknown.

Sillgal's Character

Mouse Annarri, Male, ??
25th Level Thief, Troubleshooter
XP: 3,289,040/ 3,300,000
HP: 78, THAC0: 8 AC: -12
Weapons: Kama +5 Speed, Kama +4 Defender

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you have our main character readily available too, but her she is anyway.

Faenis "Fenz" Nintithen
Raspeen, Female, Lawful Neutral
14th level fighter/ 15th level bard
HP:88 THACO:8 AC:-5
Weapons: Captain's Rapier, Shortbow +1, natural weapons

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The last time we had an actual game, I bumped the main characters up to 2.5mil xp. So make sure you update Fenz, too.

8Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) Empty Re: Tower of Treya Part 2 (Information Thread) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:51 am


Dwarf, Male, Lawful Good
18th Level Fighter
XP: 2,500,000/2,750,000
HP: ? THAC0: 3 AC: -9
Weapons: Dwarven Thrower, "Toe Basher"


Well, it seems as though our mind is dead set against us sleeping tonight, so lacking more pressing concerns, I've have dyned to do a through analysis of the issue raised in our last RP post. Namely why is it that Fenz's daughters are absent from these other worlds.

One of the most integral aspects of her nature is the refusal of fate. The entire reason she left home was because she beveled that to settle down was to resign herself to fate. Her fear of letting something dictate her fate made her run and keep her running for 76 years.

The primary reason for her daughter's existence can be traced to the actions of her husband Chien. No not the carnal actions! Okay, not just the carnal actions. A critical reason for Fenz finally being able to allow herself to settle down was that during the quest to destroy the dark gods alters, he sat her down and forced her to see the truth of her situation.

F: I want to keep my options open.
C: so you limit your options to that which will not limit your options? Which one of us was crazy again?
F: If I settle I would not be free. I could not go wherever I want any more.
C: You have responsibility to our friends here. Could you just leave them right now? does that make you unfree?
F: We are at war. How could I consider conceiving when we both might die at any time?
C: We would both have a reason to fight all the harder to stay alive, no?
F: Neither of us were taught how to raise children.
C: Nor are most parents in these lands. Did our friends here turn out so bad because of that?
F: What if I do not make a good mother?
C: You are kind, fair, and regularly put others before yourself. How could you possibly make a bad mother? Also you have many bedtime stories to share.

And then carnal actions! Bow-chicka-wow-wow Very Happy

Rolling Eyes In any case lacking the stabilizing influence of her husband, Fenz would be unlikely to come to terms with root cause of her wonderlust, and therefore in most alternate timelines her children were never born.

This has been your resident emo chick over analyzing the motivations of a fictional character once again.

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