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bazzar of the bizzare

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1bazzar of the bizzare Empty bazzar of the bizzare on Sun May 26, 2013 6:48 pm


On a whim, I have decided that we should have a thread for sharing interesting magic items. And now we do. If you have an idea for a magic item feel free to share it here.

1) Items don't have to be Treya related, or even D&D related though we do request that any items posted at least specify what game they were initially intended for.
2) Feel free to include things like description, back story, stats, or any other relevant information as you prefer.
3) One item (or set of related items) per post.

2bazzar of the bizzare Empty Re: bazzar of the bizzare on Sun May 26, 2013 7:50 pm


Here's a cool weapon from an underdark campaign we ran once. it's made for 3rd ed D&D

Morning sorrow
intelegent mageblade rapier
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Communication: telepathic (wielder only)
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Elven*, Infernal*, Terran*, Aquan*
Damage: 1d6+1 piercing
Threat range: 18-20/x2
Estimated value: 125,320 GP
Charge pointsEnchantment bonus Special abilities Int Wis Cha Ego
0+ +1 Martial weapon proficiency (rapier),
Black light
13 11 17 7
5+ +1 Charged 13 11 17 8
15+ +2 - 15 12 19 12
30++2 Mind feeder 15 12 19 14
50++3 - 17 13 22 18
80++3 Keen 17 13 22 18
130++4 - 19 14 24 23
200++4 Spell storing 19 14 24 24
300++5 - 21 15 27 27

Special abilities
Mage blade: The weapon is treated as a +1 weapon, and can be feed magic to unlock additional abilities. The weapon gains 1 point of charge for every spell level fed to it.
Martial weapon proficiency (rapier): The wielder is proficient with rapiers for as long as they hold the weapon.
Black light: The weapon glows with an eery black light on command, allowing the wielder to see up to 10 feet even in magical darkness.
Charged: On a successful strike, up to 5 points of charge may be sacrificed to deal an additional 1d6 damage per point of charge spent.
Mind feeder: On a critical hit, the target looses one spell of the highest level they can cast (if applicable) chosen at random, and the weapon gains charge equal to the level of the spell lost. Spontaneous spell casters and creatures with spell like abilities loose access to the eaten spell for 1 minute.
Keen: the threat range becomes 15-20/x2
Spell storing: A spell of up to 3rd level can be cast into the weapon. The spell can then be cast once as a free action, any time the weapon strikes a target.

3bazzar of the bizzare Empty Re: bazzar of the bizzare on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:25 pm


Here's a strange item from an equally strange character. Enjoy!

Cansin's bag of nifty things

Estimated value: 11,000 GP
This small cloth bag was once owned by a curious frog-gnome creature. Although it appears unremarkable and empty at a glance, close inspection reveals that it is unnaturaly deep and filled with all manner of random items. By spending a full round searching, the user can draw almost any item desired from the bag. Normally the bag can only produce non-magical items of up to 10 GP in value, however items dreamed suitably cleaver or funny my be drawn at the bag's (and DM's) discretion. Likewise attempts to abuse the bag's magic (EG: repeatedly drawing coins and gems) causes the magic to cease functioning.

4bazzar of the bizzare Empty Re: bazzar of the bizzare on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:51 pm


Here's another fun item we made once.

Wand of short circuits

Estimated value: 20,250 GP
Caster level: 9
This appears to be a standard wand of lightening bolt, however it begins to give off sparks when held. Ever time it's used roll a D10 to determine the effect.
Roll Effect Damage
1-3 Shocking grasp (on weilder) 5d6
4-8 Lightening bolt 9d6
9-10 Empowered lightening bolt (uses 2 charges) (9d6) x1.5

5bazzar of the bizzare Empty Re: bazzar of the bizzare on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:02 am


Once there was a strange old gardener who worked at a magical library. One day he found a tome that he believed contained a prophecy, stating that if he gathered together 3 sacred animals he would be reborn as a mighty dragon. He set out on a journey in an attempt to discover the truth of this prophecy, and while he never did, he did discover good friends, amazing tales, and the recipe for a magical wine.

Goodberry wine
Estimated value: 300 GP per bottle
One glass of this enchanted wine provides a full day's sustenance and heals the drinker up to 8 points of damage. A creature can only benefit from 1 glass on a given day. Goodberry wine is sold in bottles containing enough for 6 glasses.

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