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Rien Tower

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1Rien Tower Empty Rien Tower on Thu May 19, 2011 2:34 pm


The Demon Fox
The Demon Fox
Location: One day's travel west of the Elven Forest and one day's travel south of the Northern Wilds

Buildings: Wizard Tower, Stables, Barracks, Smithy, Grain Silo,

Temples: Abriel

Mage-Lord: Qwyn Rien (High Paladin of Abriel, Rune Knight)

Rien Tower and the wall that surrounds the area is made by Dwarven stonemasons working with the finest steelworkers to make the strongest structures possible. The walls are 20 feet high and cover quite an area. The reconstruction of the tower was combined with a desire to house additional buildings and provide area for a respectable number of people who may come seeking
sanctuary in dangerous times. While quite expensive, Qwyn has thought the expense worth it, throwing in much of his earned funds, as well as what could comfortably be drawn through taxes and requests from the Church of Abriel.

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