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The Town of Neirna

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1The Town of Neirna Empty The Town of Neirna on Tue May 10, 2011 10:14 am


Located about a day's travel south-east of Maplewood Tower, Neirna is surrounded by forest on three sides and farmland on the fourth.

The site of the town was once the last battlefield of the Great Purge. After the Restoration, the area was completely cleansed, rebuilt, and given a new name. Those who know the old name of the town do not speak it as it is now considered cursed.

Neirna, though still a fairly small town, is growing quickly as it is the trading hub for all the towns in the Maplewood Magedom.

Population: 94% Human, 3% Gnome, 2% Halfling, 1% Other

Temples: Akkadey, Shandowyn

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