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The Town of Iron Harbor

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1The Town of Iron Harbor Empty The Town of Iron Harbor on Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:51 am


Located on the north-western end of the forest, and at the base of the Dwarven Mountains, Iron Harbor lies on the north-eastern shore of the lake.

The major industries of Iron Harbor are fishing and lumber. The lumber comes from a forest of iron-wood trees located just west of the mountains and provides a valuable source of trade for the town.

Population: 70% Human, 20% Dwarf, 7% Raspeen, 3% Other

Temples: Mowkeel, Houlen, Edaros

Notable NPCs:
Faenis "Fenz" Nintithen, female Raspeen, Fighter/Bard, Owner of the tavern, The Dragon Song
Chien "Chef" Nintithen, male Raspeen, Rogue, Owner of the tavern, The Dragon Song
Jake, Human male, Maplewood Archer, Henchman of Qwyn Rien

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