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The Town of Port Tylor

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1The Town of Port Tylor Empty The Town of Port Tylor on Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:20 pm


Located on the eastern shore of the lake, Port Tylor is only a 1 hour walk from Maplewood Tower. This small town is bordered by the forest on three sides and the lake on one. It is surrounded by a 5' tall stone wall that keeps out any wandering forest creatures.

The major industry of Port Tylor is fishing and does extensive trading with other port towns along the lake. The major draw in Port Tylor is its tavern, run by the famous Cat-Bard, Syllesti MacKallice.

Population: 90% Human, 5% Annarri, 5% Other

Temples: Edaros, Mowkeel

Notable NPCs:
Syllesti MacKallice, Cat Annarri, Priestess of Edros/Bard
Bren MacKallice, Wolf Annarri, Retired Knight of Annarria, Butcher Shop Owner

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