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Maplewood Forest

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1Maplewood Forest Empty Maplewood Forest on Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:52 pm


This large, dense forest spans 80% of the Maplewood Magedom and consists mostly of, as the name suggests, maple trees. To travel from one end the other going north and south, would take 5 days. To travel across it from east to west, would take 4 days.

There are many who make their home in Maplewood Forest; Druids, birds, animals, fairies, and Centaurs to name a few. Hidden somewhere on the northern side of the forest is a Centaur village. Just north east of the heart of the forest is the Druid's Grove. And on the southern side is the Wizard's Tower.

Hunting is restricted in the forest. Only the Ranger Lord, the priests of Edaros and select few given a special permit by the Mage-Lord may hunt within its boundaries.

Notable NPCs:
"Warden" Maplewood, Ranger Lord
Asiman Keane, Arch-Druid

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