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Maplewood Tower

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Location: Maplewood Forest

Buildings: Wizard Tower, Stables, Gain Silo

Temples: Zathan, Xell

Mage-Lord: Nina Maplewood, Archmage, Alteration Specialist

Maplewood Tower is surrounded by a 10' tall fence made of wood with steel reinforcements. The front gate is made entirely of steel and the road from the front gate heads east to the town of Neirna. Outside the fenced area is a stable and a gain silo. There is a footpath heading west of the tower to the town of Port Tyler.

The Wizard's Tower is 60' tall with two wings, one on the north side and one of the south side of the tower, each 30' tall.

Approximately 300 yards east of the tower and easily accessible from the road, is a doorway to a tunnel that goes down along a gradual slope to 3 floors underneath Maplewood Tower. This floor of the Maplewood Tower basement contains two Temples. Upon entering the room from the tunnel, the temple to the left is a Temple of Zathan and the temple to the right is a Temple of Xell. In the center hall is a ladder that goes up to the main floors of the tower, but this is kept locked so that no one may enter the tower without permission.

Behind the Tower and also enclosed by the fence, is a well tended hedge garden. Surrounding the Tower is Maplewood Forest, a large forest consisting mostly of Maple trees. Hunting is forbidden in Maplewood Forest, except to the Priests of Edaros and a few individuals given a special permit by the Mage-Lord.

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