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The City of Ermangarde

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1The City of Ermangarde Empty The City of Ermangarde on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:10 pm


Located along the southern river, Ermangarde is a sprawling city with a population second only to Yannis.

At the center of the city is the nobles' estates, City Hall, City Guard HQ, the jail, the Temples of Abriel, Houlen, and Gwendrae, and the Fighter's Academy. At one time, there was a wall surrounding this area of the city, protecting it from the poorer sections. But in recent years, this wall has been taken down and the nobles have been encouraged to increase their own security if they want to feel more protected.

The rest of the city sprawls out from the center in what looks like a very unorganized manner. There are many dead ends and dark alleys. As the city grew, people built homes, businesses and Temples wherever they saw fit.

Crime is much higher in Ermangarde than in Yannis, but the leader of the thieve's guild keeps a close watch on his members.

Ermangarde is the only city to have a "red light district". Although this kind of activity is frowned upon, it has not officially been deemed illegal and this section of town thrives after sunset.
(NOTE: Any RP in this area will be glossed over as this kind of adult content is against the T&C of the forum host.)

Population: 92% Human, 4% Gnome, 2% Hafling, 2% Other

Temples: Abriel, Akkadey, Edaros, Gwendrae, Houlen, Lyrraketh, Megra, Mowkeel, Obown, Shandowyn, Xyne

Notable NPCs:
Janceel D'warri, leader of the Thieve's Guild

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21 Turox 680ME

Braelyn sits in the kitchen of her well tended, yet modest home, with her one servant and closest confidant, an older woman by the name of Hannah. Together they are packing up the fine china and silverware, when they hear the doorbell ring.
"I'll get," Braelyn says as she stands and walks to the foyer. Upon opening the door, she is surprised at who is standing before her, but only shows it by lifting an eyebrow. "Madame Irene, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you to my door?"
The regal woman standing on the doorstep is twenty years Braelyn's senior, but only those closest to her had even a clue as to her real age. "I came to wish you my condolences. May I come in?"
Braelyn steps back from the door. "Of course," she replies with a gesture. "So you heard of Reginald's passing," she says as she closes the door once the older woman enters.
"The entire city has gotten news of Lord Worik's death. I've also heard that Lady Worik was quite relieved that he died at home instead of one of the less reputable places he liked to visit." She looks around the room and the back at Braelyn. "Or here."
Braelyn rolls her eyes. "Yes, think of the scandal if Reginald had died here with me. On the other hand, if he had been here, he might still be alive. I swear, it's that woman's cold heart that killed him. No wonder he went looking for warmth elsewhere."
"So what are your plans, now that your benefactor is dead?" asks Madame Irene.
Braelyn's brow arches again. "What does it matter to you what I do now?"
Irene gives Braelyn an assessing look. "You're still young and beautiful. You could bring in a lot of business. I'm offering you your old job back."
Braelyn blinks. "My old job back? And what makes you think I want it back. After three years of only having to entertain one man, why on earth would I want to go back to a place where any cad with a few sliver can slobber all over me? No, thank you, but I'm not going back."
Madame Irene's eyes narrow. "I don't see that you have a lot of options. How do you plan on maintaining this lifestyle you've had for the last three years?"
"I don't," Braelyn states matter-of-factly. "In fact, Hannah and I are packing up the entire house and I'm selling everything that can and I plan on travelling. Maybe I'll go to Yannis."
"Yannis?!" Madame Irene blurts out. "Do you think you can make a living in Yannis? They don't take as kindly to whores as they do here in Ermangarde."
Braelyn's face loses its pleasant veneer. "I have other skills. Now, please leave my home. And don't come back."
"Other skills," Madame Irene scoffs as she walks to the door and opens it. "I'm sure an orphan and a whore has plenty of other skills. Don't come crawling back to me when those other skills get you nowhere." She walks out the door and slams it behind her.
After making sure the door is locked, Braelyn leans against it. "Oh, I won't," she says quietly.

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