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The City of Yannis

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1The City of Yannis Empty The City of Yannis on Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:25 pm


Located along the southern river, Yannis is one of the largest human cities. It's layout is unique in all of Treya. Yannis consists of 12 roads of concentric circles, with 4 more roads intersecting them, going along the eight cardinal directions.

At the center of the city is a large fountain and along the two inner most roads are the temples to all 12 deities of Treya. Going out from there are the businesses and merchants, with the residences along the outer roads. The North-West section of the city consists mostly of the nobles' estates. The docks and access to the river is in the South-West quarter. Just South-East of the Temples is a large arena used for public auctions and the occasional tournament. Next to the arena is City Hall, the City Guard HQ, and the jail.

Throughout Yannis, one would find what one would expect from a large city - several taverns and inns, two public stables, one of which is maintained by the Temple of Edaros, various guilds and merchants of all kinds.

Between the City Guard and the Paladins of Abriel, crime is well controlled in Yannis. There is a thieve's guild, but it remains low-key, not drawing much attention.

Population: 90% Human, 6% Gnome, 3% Hafling, 1% Other (Dwarf, Elf, Annarri)

Temples: All - Abriel, Akkadey, Edaros, Gwendrae, Houlen, Lyrraketh, Megra, Mowkeel, Obown, Shandowyn, Xyne, Xell

Notable NPCs:
Alair Tannoth, Paladin of Abriel, captain of the Abriellian paladins in Yannis.
Taerris Lyrr, Priest of Gwendrae / Lore Master, a valuable source of knowledge, is known to have an extensive private library.

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