The World of Treya

This is a forum for 2nd ed D&D based roleplay in a campaign world called Treya.

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Hi, I'm nuts and this is my life. She's nuts too

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Hi, I'm Ben, and I'm a gamer.

(ok, now you're all supposed to say "HI Ben")

and I've been gaming off and on for about six years now.

(now you all applaud clap clap clap)

Oh wait, I'm sorry this isn't the Game-aholics anonymous forum, is it.

So anyway, In Treya I play an insane kick butt Divinate paladin to the god of storms named Thurg Braken (pro: THER-j BRAA-kehn). I've known the DM's for a long time now. Their really great people, so please be nice to them. Their the ones that got me into RP so i pretty much blame them for all my neuroses. LOL. Glad to be here.


*laughs* Laughing

Hello Ben.

Welcome to my forum. I'm so glad you could join us. Feel free to add stuff where ever you see fit.

If you want me to fill out Thurg's character sheet for you, just let me know.

See you around and have fun! Cool


Hey it's Sir Stabby! Good to see you again.

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